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Hoofbeats At The Track: Wrap Up

If you missed this show, you missed a great one. MCA representatives say this show was an all-around success. Our volunteers were the main reason for this success.

Most of you don’t know that it usually takes two years of planning for a national MCA show, but we did it in six months! The MCA Expo at AMP last year was such a success that it planted the seeds for this show. MCA needed another show for 2017 and GARMC fit the bill. The combination of MCA resources and our member relationships/abilities allowed this successful collaboration.

It was hot and we had rain Friday and Saturday evening (summer in Georgia) but that didn’t dampen our spirits nor kept us from having a great time at the show. Parking was tight but, that was a good problem to have. The food trucks provided several delicious options to keep us energized.

Of the 250 cars registered from 24 states and Canada, GARMC had 28 participants. Thanks to Danny and Terry for coordinating the show with MCA and GARMC. Thanks to Lonnie for making the track event go seamlessly. Thanks to Paula, Daphne, Jeff M. and Cameron for keeping the show flowing. Thanks to the volunteers who worked their butts off to keep the participants happy. Thanks to the AMP staff who were there to help us every step of the way. And thanks to MCA for putting their faith in us and sponsoring this awesome show.

Join us in September at our monthly meeting. Jeff Mays, MCA President, will join us at Cherokee Cattle Company!